A 5-in-1 formula used as makeup, concealer, sunscreen, antioxidant and is water resistant. It’s lightweight yet fully pigmented.

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A universally complete color palette that offers fair to deep tone options with sheer to full coverage to accommodate all skin colors and types. The products contain minerals, antioxidant rich vitamins, they are noncomedogenic with auromatheraputic ingredients of lavender and green tea (this means they offer protect from environmental assault, it’s smells good, it won’t cause breakouts) There is no synthetic fragrance, mineral oil or talc. No animal testing.

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Loose 4grs, Pressed 6grs


Asian Teakwood, Baltic Oatmeal, Belgian Bare, Brazilian Mahogany, California Walnut, Egyptian Coriander, European Porcelain, Guatemalan Cocoa, Himalayan Cashmere, Italian Latte, Moroccan Almond, Saigon Cinnamon, Spanish Cedar, St Tropez Tan, Swedish Oyster, Veils