DeniseDenise Bell has worked tens of thousands of hours as a makeup artist, skincare therapist, and zone massage therapist. She is the creative force behind Veils Of Color mineral makeup but she is equally passionate about proper skin health. She has achieved Dermalogica’s “EXPERT” status, where the focus of her education is successfully meeting the challenges of globally diverse skin.

The birth of Veils Of Color was in 1999 but the vision began in the early 70’s. From a very young age I had a love and fascination with cosmetics. As a teenager my heart’s desire was to work with makeup. My first job interview was with a department store for a position in the cosmetics department. During the interview process I was told in order to be hired for that position I must endorse the product and they had no suitable shades for me. So instead I was employed to work in the children’s department.

Fast forward 20 years. I applied, and was hired for a cosmetics sales position with a major department store. During the interview, to my amazement, I was told that no one of my ethnicity in this geographic area had ever held a position with that company. Willing to meet the challenge, I accepted the position.

After about a year of employment I became disillusioned by negative reactions like breakouts, irritation and dryness that many clients had experienced, and those who did not have a bad reaction to the makeup would leave the store looking like a maniquin or a model whose makeover had gone horribly wrong.

I began looking into products made by other companies and saw that all the ingredients were basically the same.

I began to brainstorm and recalled an all natural make up company from the 70’s, I also remembered that after application everybody’s skin looked dry and lifeless. After some research on those products, I saw that clay was the base ingredient and was the reason for the dry unhealthy appearance. More research revealed that minerals from the earth are healthy, skin friendly, sheer and luminous. Additionally, they are available in a broad range of colors, everything that I was looking for!

I realized the only way to have a superior product would be to develop it. By doing that I would have makeup not only for myself but something suitable for everyone from every background.

The next challenge was formulation. I wanted a product that was geared towards a life style of simplicity and practicality, yet also great for those who have a high profile position. It had to accommodate people with versatile and active life styles. I envisioned products that were suitable to wear to the office, then to the gym and from there to a sporting event or maybe out to dinner, something that did not require reapplication yet was sheer, comfortable, moisture resistant and would not shift or smear, products that would allow everyone to always have a smooth healthy complexion no matter the time of day or level of activity. I needed a product that could be applied with little effort requiring no specialized skills.

My vision from years past has now become a reality.

Welcome to Veils Of Color.